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Dear Dental friends,

We are very pleasure to meet dental friends from variuous kind of dental fields.
Today’s global society is information-driven, only superior business strategies meeting the needs of the globalized, information- oriented, marketplace will succeed in this era of mega-competition.
IOS inc, which has managed business like dental products for the past 31 years with door to door service, has been always on the move, continuously striving to give full satisfaction to our customers by diversifying products, improving technology and upgrading service.
For the strengthen of our sales activities in domestic markets, we are looking for new dental products, So we expect you to inform us them.
If you are handling them, please contact with us immediately.
Your kind attention and full information of your products for entering into a good will be deeply appreciated.
We'll do our best to the first leading company, and be Gateway for Japanese dentist that as dental material provider of the world wide. Have a good time in IOS's homepage and we hope we will fulfill your wants.
Thank you very much!

Yoshio Inoue President

Latest news and update

Scheduled to exhibit at Japan dental show 2021
March 4 to 6,2022 in YOKOHAMANEW
「LR30」 UV Light cure block out resin launched
Scheduled to exhibit at the 2nd World Dysphagia Summit (WDS 2021)
August 20 to 22,2021 in Nagoya
「Vipro™Tape」 Antiviral and Antibacterial protectction Tape launched
INFO: Anatomy Traines® Mr.Thomas W. Myers 2 Days Web Seminer
GC Aroma Injection alginate impresson material lauched
New products Keep-UP Youth and Pellets  launched
Site Design Up date
Decision to cancel "Tokyo Dental Exhibition 2020"
Decision to cancel "JACG 2020 Convention"